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Within you is a

passion, mission & message.

My mission is to guide you to a

deeper understanding of that vision

without limits and the path to build it.

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I'd love to share with you how to bring in

new money doing what you LOVE 

& feels most authentic to you!

Assistance step-by-step with ongoing support for continued development & growth.
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The digital course where I break down the steps to using packaging, pricing, content and social media to build an

artistic & intuitive business!

- Karina Jo, Dream Maker - 

One day in meditation a message came through, 

"Your mission is to awaken and strengthen the magic within yourself & others."

On that day I felt a deep sense of clarity, and even though I have always loved a variety of art forms for assisting myself & others, I realized everything I offer from art, to energy work and even to social media management went back to supporting the mission of awakening & strengthening that magic.

I shifted to a new sense of focus however on how important it felt to articulate and and fully provide resources for those doing a very important task - developing their vision. 

My services come from a center of releasing limits, seeing the larger picture, and crafting offers & a marketing strategy that align with both your dream life and dream purpose. 


Six years ago
I left a job I had been with for seven years
to be a thriving artist.

It was a dream come true that I could offer something I love and that in exchange it could provide the blessings to experience more of the dreams I wish to access in life. That is something I wish for everyone.


If I'm being honest, the one thing in between when I was & wasn't sharing my passion was my willingness to put myself out there.

This included releasing a mindset of fears & doubt. I'm not saying they don't exist any more. I exercise becoming an observer of these feelings and finding opportunities to transition them into curiosity, hope & excitement. 

It also included the work of content creation, networking, offer building & staying on track as well as one gal can. 

This was while crafting time for travel, family, relationships, rest, being an awesome big sisi & pup parent! This balance can take a team. There are mentors & resources that have helped me replace learning the hard way with a more clear & direct path. 

My mission to pass on these tools with love to those looking to embrace their passion while allowing it to embrace them back!

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